Waterloo Lives: In Their Own Words

In its bicentenary year, the Battle of Waterloo is waiting to be discovered through the National Army Museum's unique Napoleonic archive.

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Double entry

The journal of Hugh Gordon contains a written part and a printed part. To my surprise, the printed part is exact the same as the written part. (See examples below). I had to discart some of the scans of the written part, because they were too difficult for me. Had I known that the written part was already been covered by the printed part, I wouldn't have made the effort of deciphering the written part. Now the text will be entered double. Wasn't it possible to only place the printed part? It would have saved some time and double work.

  • Ben Fellows

    Ben Fellows

    Hello Bertha,


    Many thanks for pointing this out! This ought to have been picked up before the images were uploaded for transcription but quite often things such as these are simply not known about until readers such as yourself identify them to us.


    We've been working to update all of our documentation with reference to papers relating to the Napoleonic Wars and the work done by everyone here is invaluable to our cataloguing staff.


    Best wishes,