Welcome to HeritageHelpers.org

HeritageHelpers.org is a website aiming to make the collections of heritage institutions, such as archives and museums, digitally accessible with the help of a community of volunteers, or “Helpers”. Each project consists of a collection of objects from a heritage institution, such as photographs for example. Participants contribute to the identification and description of the objects that are part of a given project. They can also participate in the forum discussions at HeritageHelpers.org. Volunteers can work on several projects at the same time until each respective project is completed. Projects are created and managed by the affiliated heritage institutions. As the owner of the project, the managing institution is responsible for the overall implementation of the project. As owner of HeritageHelpers.org, Picturae is responsible for the technical facilities and management of the community of volunteers.

Terms of use

Participants can register on our website. Once registered, you will have access to active projects on HeritageHelpers.org and you can add descriptions, or “contributions”, at object level. By registering you accept the terms of these conditions.

Picturae reserves the right to change these conditions without prior consultation of the participants. When the terms of use are changed, it will be announced in the News section on HeritageHelpers.org. If you do not agree to a change, you will be requested to terminate your membership.

Picturae reserves the right to choose whether or not to post contributions to projects. Picturae can also remove forum contributions if they are interpreted to conflict with the terms or the intentions of these conditions. Picturae reserves the right to prohibit participants from further use of HeritageHelpers.org.

Participant Privacy

When registering, you must fill in all required information. This includes a valid email address and display name. A ‘display name’ is the name by which you are known as a participant on the HeritageHelpers.org website. You have free choice of a display name, with the restriction that you are not allowed to choose a name that assumes the identity of someone else. Of the data you enter, only the display name is visible to HeritageHelpers.org visitors. You are not required to fill in the optional fields of your profile: first name, last name, gender, date of birth, place of residence, photo, or reason for participation. If you do not want to share this information with other visitors of HeritageHelpers.org, you can leave these fields of your profile empty. You may also remove this information at any time you wish.

Your data will only be used for your participation in HeritageHelpers.org. If you want to delete your profile, please contact info@heritagehelpers.org. Keep in mind that your contributions to the projects will remain visible as anonymous contributions after the removal of your profile. You can delete forum posts at any time. If you don't, forum posts will also remain visible as anonymous contributions.

Personal Password

As a participant, you will receive a personal password to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to HeritageHelpers.org. Contributing to projects is only possible once your password has been successfully entered via the login screen. Participants should store their password carefully, and keep it a secret from others. If you suspect that your password is, or may be known to an unauthorized third party, you must immediately notify Picturae by email at info@heritagehelpers.org.

Code of Conduct

You are not permitted to use HeritageHelpers.org in any way that is contrary to legal provisions or in violation of the rights of others.

A non-exhaustive list of examples of behaviors that are not allowed - both in project contributions and forum posts - is as follows:

• preventing the proper function of HeritageHelpers.org by deliberately, and on a large scale, entering incorrect data or posting comments that are irrelevant to the subject of the project or objects

• attempts to accrue points in a falsified manner

• making racist, sexist or discriminatory statements

• harassing or discrediting other users of HeritageHelpers.org

• revealing privacy-sensitive data that can be traced back to an individual person

• restricting third parties in their use of HeritageHelpers.org

• making commercial statements on HeritageHelpers.org, or placing links to illegal or improper downloads or websites

• Posting surveys, marketing surveys, study surveys, petitions or sales pitches of any kind

• duplication or changing of the software of HeritageHelpers.org

• duplication or changing of the content of the projects on HeritageHelpers.org

• spreading of viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses or other materials of a destructive nature

• assuming an identity other than one's own


By contributing to projects you’ll collect points. The number of points per contribution can differ per project. These points can be exchanged for tokens of appreciation at the heritage institution that “owns” that particular project. Picturae only manages the administration of the points you have collected. You can only redeem points saved at Picturae for a coupon code with which you can receive a token of appreciation from the relevant heritage institution. The Heritage Institution is responsible for handling this. Upon termination of membership, the accrued points balance that has not yet been redeemed will lapse.

Intellectual ownership

Participants give Picturae and their project owners the unlimited right to use all information they post on HeritageHelpers.org within the objectives of HeritageHelpers.org and the project owners, without restrictions or costs, and without the obligation to cite the name of the author.

Contributing to projects by copying texts from other sources is a violation of copyright and is not permitted. Quoting or paraphrasing is permitted, provided that you do not copy more than is strictly necessary, with a clear reference to the source, and that the copying serves a clearly identifiable purpose.

Participants themselves are liable for claims from third parties arising from third party rights to texts or images that are published on HeritageHelpers.org.


Picturae and the Project Owners are not liable for any damage suffered by participants as a result of the use of the website HeritageHelpers.org, or complications of using the website, nor for any other damage to personal hardware or software as a result of using the website.

Picturae does not guarantee the availability of HeritageHelpers.org. In the event of any malfunctions, Picturae will bring about repair as soon as possible. If it is decided to terminate HeritageHelpers.org, this will be announced at least 4 weeks prior to termination.

By using HeritageHelpers.org you accept the obligation to compensate Picturae in the event that it is held liable (in or outside of court) for damage suffered by third parties, and/or in the event that Picturae incurs costs, or otherwise incurs direct or indirect damage in any form, as a result of any breach by you of these terms.


If you come across a contribution on HeritageHelpers.org that in your opinion affects your intellectual property rights or is otherwise in violation of the conditions as described above, please notify us immediately. We investigate all complaints and can take appropriate measures, such as removal of the contribution in question, removal of all contributions from the responsible participant or exclusion of the responsible participant from further participation in VeleHanden.nl.

Your complaint will initially be handled by HeritageHelpers.org editors. If you do not agree with the editors' decision, you can make this known in writing to the management of Picturae, J. Duikerweg 14, 1703 DH Heerhugowaard, Netherlands. Both within your complaint and within your possible appeal to management, you must indicate which (forum) contribution(s) on HeritageHelpers.org concerns your complaint (preferably with a copy, and stating the web address or URL from the address bar of your browser program), and which legal right or which provision of these terms and conditions in your opinion is being violated by the contribution(s). Do not forget to include your contact details.


Any legal disputes that arise as a result of the use of HeritageHelpers.org are subject to Dutch law and will, if necessary, be submitted to the competent court in Alkmaar (The Netherlands) for assessment.